Best Of 2013: Financial Performance

Efficiency, investments, and net interest margins were top-of-mind in 2013.


With thousands of reads and hundreds of comments, stars, shares, and forwards, these are the most popular financial performance articles from 2013.

Net Interest Margin Stabilizes In 3Q 2013; Net Worth Tops $112.5 Billion
Credit unions increased the net interest margin by 2 basis points in 3Q13, marking the first time in three years that net interest margin rose from the previous quarter.
By: Janet Lee

How Much Does Your Investment Strategy Influence Portfolio Performance?
Callahan data shows the top quartile of credit unions by average investment return generate an average return of 1.92%, over six times the 31 basis point average return generated by the bottom quartile.
By: Jay Johnson

4 Truths About Efficiency That Don’t Show Up On The Balance Sheet
Credit unions are finding a middle ground between being large enough to scale and nimble enough to maneuver.
By: Aaron Pugh

Big Data At A Growing Credit Union
How Coastal FCU learned to use data analytics to reshape its future.
By Brooke C. Stoddard

Key Numbers For Monitoring Efficiency Suggest Both Promise And Caution
Although credit unions spent more in 2012 for every dollar of income, their operating expenses as a proportion of total assets actually declined.
By: Parth Kapoor




Dec. 23, 2013



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