Best Of 2013: Lending

Auto loans and refinancing strategies were top-of-mind in 2013.


With thousands of reads and hundreds of comments, stars, shares, and forwards, these are the most popular lending articles from 2013.

A Formula To Increase New Car Financing
A Los Angeles credit union's bold strategy of rate reductions and long-term financing attracts quality auto loans.
By: Catherine Siskos

Less Risk More Reward
An adjustable rate consumer loan product is helping one Kentucky credit union mitigate ALM vulnerabilities and maintain a competitive alternative for borrowers when rates begin to rise.
By: Aaron Pugh

Getting Even With Dealers Who Steal Loans
With a pitch-perfect message, Campus USA woos back borrowers to recapture lost business.
By: Catherine Siskos

Loan Strategy Makeover
San Francisco Federal Credit Union increased loan volume 12% by identifying shortcomings within both the institution and market.
By: Yun Ma

One Loan Leads To Another
An Alaskan credit union boosts credit card market penetration from an unlikely source — auto loans.
By: Erik Payne





Dec. 23, 2013



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