Best Of 2013: Marketing

Social media, Gen Y, and SEGs were top-of-mind in 2013.


With thousands of reads and hundreds of comments, stars, shares, and forwards, these are the most popular marketing articles from 2013.

Turning Likes Into Loans
Follow these steps to calculate the real ROI of your social media efforts.
By: Jennifer Rosenbaum

Talk Is Cheap, But Social Media Is Never Free
With the right strategy, social channels are capable of generating tangible returns worthy of the extra investment.
By: Aaron Pugh

How To Help Gen Y Get Smart About Money
Financial literacy classes along with specially tailored products can attract the next generation of members who are critical to any credit union’s long-term survival.
By: Drew Grossman

The Overlooked Female Market
Women may earn less than men, but they wield greater power as the family’s key financial decision maker.
By: Yun Ma

No More Doughnuts And Key Chains
Are your SEGs getting the branch-quality blitz of financial insights and resources they deserve, or are you just going through the motions?
By: Aaron Pugh




Dec. 23, 2013



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