Best Of 2013: Operations & Technology

Call centers, mobile access, and universal employees were top-of-mind in 2013.


With thousands of reads and hundreds of comments, stars, shares, and forwards, these are the most popular marketing articles from 2013.

One Credit Union’s Ingenious Solution: An Outbound Call Center
By following up with a personalized phone call, Hanscom Federal Credit Union builds a more profitable relationship with members who join through remote channels.
By: Yun Ma

4 Mobile Misconceptions To Tackle Head On
First Tech shares why credit unions sometimes need to run counterintuitive to the herd in order to stay true to themselves and their members.
By: Aaron Pugh

Stop Shuffling Members Around And Hire A Universal Employee Instead
Versatile employees with critical-thinking skills wear many hats to streamline customer service at branches.
By: Drew Grossman

9 Tips For Managing A Remote Workforce
Nathan Hickman, remote workforce manager for BECU, shares lessons learned for managing home-based employees.
By: Catherine Siskos

5 Areas Of Innovations All Credit Unions Need To Monitor
Up-and-coming products will impact the relationship between credit unions and their members.
By: Scott Patterson

A Harbinger Of Branches To Come
GFA pioneers a new branch model designed to shift the emphasis from transactions to sales.
By: Catherine Siskos



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