Oct. 13, 2014


  • Other than a brief mention in the introductory paragraph, there seems to be very little regard for members within this case study (and business model). Unfortunately, you could easily replace the name of this credit union with "Chase" or "Wells Fargo."
  • I understand your concern, anonymous commenter. Our hope is that credit unions will use the additional revenue they earn via the strategies we highlight to increase their offerings and value for the members they serve. As you point out, we could have done a better job of that in this article. Hopefully you will enjoy our feature articles next week, all of which have the theme of working with other cooperatives (from international credit unions to local food co-ops) on ways to bring value back to the member. As always, we appreciate reader feedback. You keep us on our toes. -- Rebecca Wessler, managing editor, CreditUnions.com
    Rebecca Wessler