March 7, 2011


  • Solid article. Now more than ever, credit unions need, "crisis insurance" to safeguard their business from disruptions. LT Public Relations and Mambo Media recently introduced "Crisis Read" ( to help credit unions prepare for crises BEFORE they happen. As we say, crisis managment is 99% preparation and 1% execution.
    Casey Boggs
  • Great Comments.

    A good, well-exercised crisis communications plan is vital to any successful, viable business continuity program. That plan must include all three parts. The article mentioned two of them: Communications to stakeholders (members), and communications to staff.

    Mission in the discussion was the third leg of the triad: Media Management. Managing the Media is critical to ensuring the success of the communications to stakeholders. If the press puts out a message that your credit union is out of business or is severely handicapped, it will take a lot of direct messages to counter the impression the former made.

    To emphasize the criticality of media management, consider this incident: In Tallahassee a couple of years ago, a bank was robbed. The local TV station was on-scene, microwave antenna extendeded, and cameras and microphones deployed trying to get immediate, on-scene, eye-witness observations BEFORE THE POLICE SHOWED UP!

    Is that scary, or what?
    Ken Schroeder, CBCP, VP-Business Continuity, Southeast Corporate