By The Numbers (4Q 2010)

FirstLook data provides a springboard to examine industry performance during 2010.


Callahan & Associates' FirstLook data provides a preemptive look at fourth quarter performance and a near-complete picture of the year that was. The data reflects a cooperative industry that is both adapting and stabilizing, finding new needs to meet and roles to play while helping the economy rebound.

Solid credit card and real estate growth over last year’s FirstLook numbers indicate the industry has the momentum necessary to supplement lower auto lending levels and overcome wavering demand in recovering markets. A stronger net worth over assets, higher earnings, and decreased delinquency from year-end 2009 means the industry is well-positioned for growth in the first quarter of 2011.

All U.S. Credit Unions
Total Number of CUs 7,346 7,341 7,710
Total Assets ($ Billions) $915.91 $880.22 $896.82
Total Loans ($ Billions) $565.83 $569.26 $580.45
Credit Card Loans
($ Billions)
$36.05 $34.73 $35.28
Real Estate Loans
($ Billions)
$310.70 $308.46 $314.43
Auto Loans
($ Billiions)
$164.27 $172.21 $175.41
Total Shares ($ Billions) $787.82 $748.59 $763.34
12-Mon. Investment Growth 13.83% 28.59% 28.35%
12-Mon. Member Growth 1.66% 2.80% 2.71%
12-Mon. Share Growth 5.24% 11.65% 11.55%
12-Mon. Loan Growth -0.60% 2.15% 2.05%
12-Mon. Growth in Operating Expenses 10.61% -2.59% -2.53%
Loans/Shares 71.82% 76.04% 76.04%
Net Worth/Assets 10.06% 9.93% 9.91%
Delinquency Ratio 1.74% 1.81% 1.83%
Net Interest Margin 3.26% 3.22% 3.23%
Annualized YTD ROA 0.51% 0.21% 0.18%
Annualized YTD ROA prior to NCUSIF Expense  0.71% 0.57% 0.53%





Feb. 17, 2011


  • The devil is in the details. There are two credit union "by the numbers" stories. One is the numbers for those credit unions over $100 million in assets and the other is for those with assets $100 million or less. It is clear to me that the change from sponsor/workplace credit unions to community credit unions is creating new competitive pressures. These pressures are being felt by the smaller credit unions that now lack sponsor support and are subject to the more expensive operations of a community credit union. Why don't you show us that data?
    Henry Wirz