May 26, 2008


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  • Hi Sharon, we have worked with thousands of call centers and many Credit Union call centers. I think we can help you with this. Can you send me your contact information?
    Renee Long
  • I was looking for some information on what other call centers track, and i was happy to see we are right there with everyone else!
  • Great information. I am a new Manager in our Call Center so I appreciated this type of information.
  • Good breakdown on call center metrics. Helpful to see the call center and employee metrics.
  • Ray: The information you have provided here is good. It provides some of the fundamental metrics used by call centers around the world. As they say, if you can’t measure it you can’t manage it and it is important for all call centers to proactively manage within market-leading service levels to effectively differentiate themselves beyond product and price. I am always amazed when we run across credit unions that are fine with measuring the critical metric of time to respond to member emails in clock hours rather than business hours, since clock hours is meaningless unless they run a 7x24 hour shop. Sometimes I just wonder if the call center manager is more concerned about their accountability than what is best for the credit union and member. It is also worth pointing out that several industries outside of credit unions have been actively managing contact centers in a multi-channel world for much longer than credit unions and I would encourage member care professionals to engage with groups outside the credit union space to benefit from the experiences of these more mature markets.
    Chuck Van Court
  • We are looking into options for starting a Call Center. We are a small Credit Union, approximately 20,000 members. Can you advise best way to start?
    Sharon Whitman