Nov. 6, 2006


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  • Brilliant as always. If the credit union world could clone Diana and her continual focus on members rather than completely on the bottom line, there would be far greater growth and member committment. Bravo to you Diana for once again stepping outside the usual!
  • Credit union value clearly comes through to their members and the results indicate that real value is something members talk about with others. Shows the benefits of not focusing solely on the bottom line.
  • I’ve always admired Diana for her groundbreaking, result-driven wisdom. Those are two very powerful quantitative and qualitative questions and what an efficient way to gauge metrics that matter. The Service Guarantee, another brilliant idea; this simple statement sends a powerful message about the level of commitment they’ve made to their members. This may also heighten the member’s awareness of any interaction with the credit union and in turn, allow the credit union to reinforce its products & services marketing. WIN-WIN!
    Melinda Ma - Southland CU