Aug. 15, 2016


  • Hi Mike, It's great to hear that your credit union made the shift to an on-going coaching model. Did your credit union previously use a rating scale for your annual review? If so, did you eliminate the use of ratings in this new process? How do your employees like the new model?
  • Hi and thanks for your questions! Our previous system did use a rating scale that resulted in a score from 1-5. Our new quarterly coaching system does not use a rating scale. We are now two cycles into the new system and employee response has been favorable. Several employees, including some high performers, were a bit uncomfortable listing their accomplishments, but they have come around to appreciate that the new approach focuses more on results, actionable items, and two way communication between employee and supervisor. Employees also appreciate the opportunity to propose and discuss ideas on what they can do to bring the most value to Patriot.
    Mike Dougal