Contact Centers and the 80/20 Rule

Information is only valuable within context. The context in the case of contact management is your vision, the market you are competing in, and your concept of how technology will be utilized to help you meet your organizational goals in the future.


Information is only valuable within context. The context in the case of contact management is your vision, the market you are competing in, and your concept of how technology will be utilized to help you meet your organizational goals in the future. Technology used to reach these goals shouldn't take years to implement. With a short, effective implementation process, 80% of your goals can be achieved quickly with some additional time to resolve the other 20% of the issues, providing a high return on investment quickly, normally within 12 months.

The Challenge

It is relatively easy for a Credit Union to find companies that understand advanced telephony or advanced IT applications. The challenge is to find organizations that understand both and know how to implement them to solve your core business issues and meet your business goals. Even when the technical qualifications exist, few companies understand how to manage the impact of business processes on the overall technology implementation and manage the integration of all the technology components. When technology deployments are examined, there are usually three critical points of failure:

  • Failure to understand the customer's business
  • Failure to understand the need for ongoing application development to integrate the products into the customer's environment
  • Lack of skill to adequately recommend, develop and support client applications.

Although each of the above are critical ad common points of failure, the great point of failure and the single most important reason why some companies are successful is because they understand the risk that most do not often know exists until they are already involved in a customer relationship:

  • Failure to understand the complexity of manufactured products and failure to understand the true capabilities of manufactured products.

Infrastructure Overview

Often, a Credit Union looks to contact center applications to solve business process problems. However, a business problem cannot be solved until the business is understood. The first and most important part of any contact center application is a documented understanding of the customer's market, its competitive advantage within that market and the systems used to consistently deliver that competitive advantage.
Once an organization understands your corporate goals, they must then find a technical infrastructure that supports those goals, as well as specific departmental goals. The next thing to do is place all of the technical information in the context of the technology marketplace. It is critical to the success of any technology deployment to understand that dynamic business challenges cannot occur without the proper infrastructure. Once the proper infrastructure exists, implementing specific recommendations takes days instead of weeks or months.
How many of the following statements do you agree or disagree with?

  • In the past, we've invested in various technologies, but don't know if we're spending our money in the best way to reach our goals.
  • Members of our call center team have different opinions about where we need to take action. This makes it harder to set priorities and get results.
  • Vendors very seldom are cognizant of our corporate vision and values. The lack of this understanding prevents us from implementing solutions that can provide a high return on investment, yet maintain the quality customer service that our members expect.
  • You have the data in your mainframe applications that you wish you had available to you at the time of the call, or before the call arrives.
  • You cannot efficiently report on the cost of doing business because you cannot find the appropriate data to back up phone calls, emails, faxes and follow-up calls.

If you agree with at least one of these, then you are a candidate for an 80/20 solution. Remember your environment is unique; your vision is unique. It is not possible to build a solution for your business based on a template. However, there is no need to pay a customized price when similar businesses have already implemented technology and forged the path ahead of you. A true partner will pass these cost savings along to you.

Purple Mutt Enterprises is a different breed. We differentiate ourselves from our competitiors by taking the approach of understanding that the answers to your Contact Management Solutions are not made, they are discovered. We invest a tremendous amount of time and effort in the early activity stage. By learning about your organization from the inside out and collaborating with your teams, we are able to protoype and strategize the contact management design that works for your unique needs. We utilize our own patented Integrated Process Methodology, which governs every step of our discovery, strategizing and implementation process.

A complete detailed white paper on the 80/20 process is available at no charge. For additional information, please contact Sandy Norton at , or call 972-728-7067. Check out our web page, to learn more.



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