June 30, 2014


  • When I got the Solutions e-mail I thought why on earth would an "$8 million institution" (see below) take on such a project with such limited resources. The $8 million institution wanted to control its own destiny, the user experience, and the long-term cost of ownership, so senior management made the call to build.
    Ken Schreiber
  • Hello Ken, I was responsible for the email this morning and the typo that misidentified Security Service as an $8 million institution. The Texas-based credit union is actually $8 billion in assets. That obviously puts a different spin on the article. My sincere apologies to you, our readers, and Security Service. I've made a note at the beginning of the article so readers will immediately see the true size of the credit union. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Rebecca Wessler Managing Editor rwessler@creditunions.com
    Rebecca Wessler