Corporates End Year With More of Less

Corporate credit unions end the year with more of the natural-person credit unions' shrinking investment portfolio.


Total corporate credit union shares as of December 2005 were $57.7 billion. This is a 4.5 percent drop from December 2004 when shares were $60.4 billion.

This drop can mainly be attributed to loan growth at natural-person credit unions, and a shrinking investment portfolio to finance it. During the past year, natural-person credit unions saw 12 percent growth in their loan portfolio. Over the same period, their investments shrank from $205B in December 2004 to $191B in December 2005, a seven percent drop.

Gaining Market Share

While these numbers resulted in a drop in total corporate shares, corporate still grew their market share of the natural-person portfolio. As shown in the graph below, corporates held 29.18 percent as of December 2005 compared to 28.10 percent as of December 2004.

This data was pulled from Callahan’s Corporate Peer-to-Peer software. This tool is very effective for natural-person credit unions looking to evaluate the health and business strategies of the corporates they do business with. To learn more, click here.