Corporates Grow Share of Credit Union Investments

Recently released Third Quarter data indicates that corporate credit unions have seen an increase in credit union investment portfolios.


As of September 2005, corporate credit unions held 27.6 percent of the natural person credit union investment portfolio. This is up from last year when credit unions had 26.2 percent of their investments at corporates.

Corporates' market share varies widely on a state-by-state basis. Corporates have over 71 percent of Idaho credit union investments, while credit unions in Arkansas only keep 16 percent of their investments at corporates. Not surprisingly, the majority of the credit unions in the top half of this list are located in states where corporate credit unions are headquartered. See below for the five highest and lowest ranking states.

  State % of Investments with Corporates
Highest % at Corporates ID 72%
  AZ 57%
  NV 54%
  MO 53%
  WY 53%
Lowest % at Corporates MA 27%
  DC 19%
  DE 19%
  MD 17%
  AK 16%

Corporates' market share also varies greatly by credit union asset size. Credit unions under $2 million have 54 percent of their investments at corporates, while those over $1 billion keep only 35 percent of investments at corporates. This range can be explained by larger credit unions having greater investment flexibility and more staff for portfolio management.




Jan. 2, 2006


  • would like to know the top 10 corporates v top 5