Create a New Site for Each Member

Behavior-based marketing lets credit unions provide personalized Web content for their members, literally building a site for each member in real-time.

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In the world of financial services, credit unions and banks sell pretty much the same products in pretty much the same way. But new techniques on the Web make it possible to differentiate our messaging. Behavior-based Web marketing furthers the idea that making note of how members act while on your Web site can actually help you figure out their needs, and then provide content that responds in real-time. Through judicious use of cookies, it’s possible on the Web to track what members are doing and then subtly provide information and tools that support the purchasing track they’re already on.

New England FCU is doing just that, using a Behavior-Based Promotion Manager in combination with an e-Branch Content Management System.


Let’s say a member comes to the New England FCU Web site: ( and reads an article about car ownership costs, then looks for information on credit. It’s pretty clear this member is interested in buying a car and is trying to find various ways to finance it. After the member surfs the site and activates triggers we’ve associated with content, the system provides targeted content that supports this behavior.

In the case of the member looking for car financing, two pieces of supporting information are offered: a calculator to assist in determining monthly car loan payments and a marketing callout called “NEFCU Advisor” with three topic-related links: another article about credit, a page talking about credit score, and a “Contact An Advisor” link that also employs e-mail filtering directing the member’s request to the right desk at New England FCU.

Doing this involves placing cookies on the member’s site. Just the word “cookie” scares many people. But the cookie this system uses doesn’t associate a particular person with the information, just a pattern of behavior. In addition, the cookie has a set expiration. After three days—or whatever the expiration time chosen—or after the member completed a pre-determined targeted call to action, the strategically placed car-buying content would no longer be provided.

Whether you want to promote loans, non-traditional products, credit cards or other services, the key is effective targeting. People tell you their preferences and interests with the choices they make as they interact with information on your web site. When they do so, you immediately provide information that responds to the needs their behavior demonstrates.

But none of this will work unless your Web site provides rich information that is well organized and easy to navigate. If the site content is not well organized, it will be impossible to make a valid conclusion about the viewing behaviors.


The real value of employing a tool such as Behavior-Based Promotion Manager is getting reports of interactions within the rule sets you create. Similar to site-visitation statistical reporting, Behavior-Based Promotion Management reports how many times each trigger set has been activated, how many times the trigger-related content has been displayed, and how many times specific actions have been taken by the member interacting with your targeted content.

As an example, let’s look at the “Personal Loans” rule set. Over the last three months at New England FCU, the “Personal Loan” triggered content was displayed 1,482 times and resulted with specific action being taken 630 times. That’s a success rate of around 42 percent (action/display X 100). This means that New England FCU has been delivering an expertly focused message to a unique member population that has demonstrated behaviors based upon real needs. This verifies that, indeed, New England FCU is effectively targeting the right member with the right message.

What other marketing channel delivers that level of result? is an award-winning web services technology CUSO providing custom application design and development services exclusively to credit unions. These services include: Safe2Login – winner of the CUNA Tech Council 2005 Future Forum “Best of Show” award - a Banking Login Mutual Authentication solution that conforms with the recent NCUA and FFIEC agencies issued guidance; knowledge management products and services; multi-language website support; advanced content management solutions; third-party integration services; and’s Behavior-Based Promotion Manager that provides online targeted marketing solutions which support campaign management with cross-selling intelligence.



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March 27, 2006


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