Credit Cards Maximize Member Relationships

If a credit union conveys the value of a credit card to members, the level of credit card penetration will reflect the work.


Formula Definition
As a financial product, the credit card is as ubiquitous as the checking account and can be a relationship-building account along with checking and real estate loans. Operationally, credit cards generally require a high resource allocation and the development, either internally or externally, of a high level of operational expertise. Credit cards also have unique risk management characteristics, which can lead to extraordinary losses if not managed correctly.


Performance Analysis
School Employees has a high credit card penetration rate when compared to this peer group and seems to be executing a credit card strategy that is successfully meeting the needs of its members. See the other leaders in credit card penetration here and how member decisions are affected by rates here. Average credit card balances should also be compared as part of the performance analysis.

Note: In CUAnalyzer, the star ratings and accompanying text are based on percentile rankings within a peer group. However, the peer average displayed in the chart is calculated as the weighted average (the mean) of the peer group. Therefore, it is possible that the star ratings and text may at times not correlate what is being displayed on the graph. This would be the case when the average of the peer group varies measurably from the 50th percentile ranking (the median) within the peer group.




Nov. 4, 2010


  • While I appreciate the message you are trying to convey with these articles, penetration means virtually nothing when not coupled with debit and gross active rates. Actually, there is a significant negative impact on the profitablity of a credit card portfolio in having high penetration but low active rates.