Credit Union Cherry Blossom Run Is An Important ‘Step’ for Credit Unions

The annual Credit Union Cherry Blossom Run is an important step to gaining widespread recognition for the credit union industry among legislative staffers on Capitol Hill.




The annual Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run is a credit union industry premier national event and represents an important opportunity to gain awareness for this industry on Capitol HiIl. This event is an important unifying force in the industry and has gained support from all credit union trade associations. The event's 36-year history, high visibility, and scenic beauty draws more than 12,000 runners, including hundreds of influential legislators and staffers.

As the nation's largest credit union service organization, PSCU Financial Services has assumed the role of the lead partner for this event. The cooperative's goals are to:

  1. Boost visibility for the credit union industry
  2. Raise support for the event among credit unions nationwide
  3. Create favorable publicity for individual credit unions in Washington , D.C. and in their local communities
  4. Encourage additional donations for 170 Children's Miracle Network (CMN) hospitals.

These ambitious goals can only be achieved through the participation of hundreds of credit unions and their members. The cooperative is mobilizing its considerable resources to educate decisionmakers about the unique values and benefits credit unions deliver to the nation and its citizens. Assuming a leadership role in this well-respected charitable event is an excellent way to command favorable attention among publicity-weary legislators.

More Credit Unions Need to Participate

The Credit Union Cherry Blossom Run is also an excellent way for credit unions to be recognized in their local communities for their charitable efforts. Many credit unions already contribute to CMN—but by making donations through the Credit Union Cherry Blossom Run, credit unions are able to aggregate their individual resources for greater effect.

Our significant donation to CMN hospitals earns favorable national media coverage, while simultaneously creating local publicity opportunities. This local recognition is earned because each credit union's donations come back to benefit their community. Don ations are tracked by zip codes and given to the local Children's Miracle Network hospital.

By acting as a leading partner in this event, PSCU Financial Services can help ensure that race costs are minimized so that every donation can be credited directly to the Children's Miracle Network. The cooperative will work with Credit Union Miracle Day, Inc., to support the event.

The 2007 event included 123 credit unions and raised more than $500,000 for hospitals in 19 states. The goal this year is to involve more credit unions and raise $1 million for hospitals in all 50 states through increased contributions from credit unions nationwide.

Donations Go to Local CMN Hospitals

As a long-time contributor to Children's Miracle Network, we urge credit unions to embrace this event through donations from each organization, its members and by sending volunteers to help with the race. PSCU Financial Services is making it easy for member-owner credit unions to contribute by donating a portion of their interchange income.

Don't miss this chance to gain national identity and brand recognition for your credit union and the industry as a whole, while simultaneously contributing to a worthy local charity. Marketing materials are available for all credit unions at . Credit unions and their members can begin making donations immediately at this web site.

The annual run showcases the cooperative spirit within the credit union industry and our desire to give back to the community. Our legacy and our future lies in our ability to work together—not just in terms of products and services but also to provide assistance to the needy in our communities. It is a great honor to participate in an industry that focuses on serving the community as well as the financial needs of its members.

PSCU Financial Services steps forward as a lead partner to increase visibility for the credit union industry's sponsorship of the Credit Union Cherry Blossom Run in Washington D.C., and to promote an increase in donations for local Children's Hospitals across the nation.

This is just one of many ways PSCU Financial Services benefits the industry. The cooperative also funds Filene Institute's research programs to learn how to attract youth and young adults as members and how to work with them as employees.

Our company's mission is to help member-owners increase member satisfaction, expand membership, assets and portfolios and achieve higher market share. It achieves these goals by providing outstanding products and consultative expertise; industry-leading online bill payment, debit/credit/ATM and lending solutions; award-winning, 24/7/365 member support; and effective risk management through state-of-the-art technology and around-the-clock monitoring by trained personnel.



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Jan. 7, 2008



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