Credit Unions Hold the Key to Avoiding Another College Football Controversy

Forget about split national championships. Callahan's 2005 Credit Union Directory contains enough data to provide a thorough, accurate and decisive judgment of performance.


With four undefeated teams atop the college football polls, fans across the nation are hoping that this season will be different from last year’s contentious split national title between LSU and USC.

Fortunately, while coaches and sports writers continue to debate the merits of USC, Oklahoma, Auburn and Utah’s abilities and the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) poll weighs its analysis along with a slew of dubious computer rankings, we here at Callahan are working to develop a full-proof metric to solve once and for all this pesky quagmire.

Below you will see how each college football powerhouse compares to one another where it really counts: credit union data.

Does the Associated Press have rationale for naming Oklahoma #2 ahead of Auburn? Based on Auburn University Federal Credit Union’s share growth of 16.23% and ROA of 1.67% compared to OU’s 14.87% share growth and 0.84% ROA, we think they should consider reevaluating their position.

Is Utah deserving of a major bowl bid despite their relatively weak college football strength-of-schedule? Well, if their credit union’s 8.71% loan growth is any indication, then it looks like they can sure hang with the big boys.

In fact, based on our numbers, with USC and Utah leading the four undefeated teams in total members, total assets, share growth and loan growth, then the Trojans ought to be playing the Utes in this year’s Orange Bowl. Whether that information is enough to sway the voters remains to be seen, but if the score can’t be settled on the field, then why not settle it in the credit union?




Nov. 22, 2004


  • Analysis is flawed because Notre Dame (although 22 point dogs) are going to beat USC on Saturday.