Credit Unions in the Twittersphere

Learn what credit unions are doing on Twitter, and watch a CUtv short about how to get started with this media platform.


I recently entered the Twittersphere at the urging of my colleagues. As one of the primary contributors for our CreditUnionscom account, I've learned a lot about the amazing capabilities of this media platform.

It's a great tool to not only share with others the great resources we have on, but also to reach out to Credit Unions to see how they use their Twitter accounts to interact with their members. Our current tracking list shows that 381 Credit Unions are using Twitter.

Just this week, I found 3 examples of credit unions doing some pretty interesting things on Twitter:

  • First Tech Credit Union (Portland, OR) created a Twitter account for Chuck and Leroy, the squirrels (yes, squirrels) in their TV commercials. Chuck is a financially savvy squirrel that belongs to a credit union, while his friend Leroy is financially illiterate. This recent post shows the dynamic of their relationship:
    Chuckandleroy: "Used correctly, a credit card is a handy finance tool." -Chuck "Just ask MacGyver!" –Leroy

  • GTE Federal Credit Union (Tampa Bay, FL) reached out to their local Gen Y market with messages about making wise financial decisions, while promoting their new U22 checking account. Over 600 people tune into their updates! Check out their most recent tweets.

  • Meridian Credit Union (Toronto, Canada) has a credit union logo clad car that they drive around the local area. If members spot the car they can be entered to win $5,000. They use a specific Twitter account to inform members of its whereabouts. View their most recent updates.

Interested in getting started? My colleague Matt Hand has done an excellent complimentary overview on how to get started with Twitter in this CUtv Short. In Part 1, he covers the nuts and bolts (what does RT mean? What's a hash tag?). In Parts 2 and 3, he uses his own experience with to illustrate how to increase user interaction both in the twittersphere and on the website.

Mike Spiellman commented on the CUtv Short saying, "This was an outstanding presentation on Twitter. By far, the best I've seen. Nice job Matt."

Already on Twitter? Be sure to follow me and my colleagues on the Callahan's media team and also let us know what you're up to. Our id is: CreditUnionscom.




Aug. 24, 2009


  • Thanks for this article! We're having a great time following CUs on Twitter from @tmg! Lots of great stuff out there...