Nov. 23, 2015


  • The Kansas Credit Union Association created Make a Difference events, similar to the gas giveaway mentioned in the article. These events are collaborative, statewide events between the Kansas Credit Union Association and our affiliated credit unions. We surprise Kansas communities with free gas, cash, gift cards, or by picking up consumers’ tabs at local eating establishments. Locations are kept a surprise and only revealed on social media the day of the event. We’ve done seven of these events and have given $135,600 back to our local communities. The events are designed to bring awareness of the value credit unions provide to their communities, and have grown in popularity. Our first event in 2012 had nine credit unions involved. Our most recent event in Oct. 2015 had 20 credit unions participating! Here's a quick video we did before our October event:
    Susan Dyer
  • I love this. It's cooperation at its best. Thank you for sharing your strategy and the video.
    Rebecca Wessler
  • INFINITY launched the "RAOK" Ninjas (Random Acts of Kindness) earlier this year in which employees sign up to be a Ninja and go out into the community to "pay it forward" with good deeds like carrying groceries, visiting a homeless teen center, paying for coffee at a local coffee shop, caring for animals at an animal shelter. The different is having an ongoing program every month rather than one designated day. The results? Good will, happy people - and new members who come to us as a result of what we've don.
    Liz Hayes
  • What a great program. Thank you for sharing with the community, Liz.
    Rebecca Wessler