April 20, 2009


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  • Moveon.org is not the best example for credit unions to follow. Smioke and mirrors are not the right methods, we need to use passion but with logic and reason for the good of our credit union members.
    David Proffitt
  • The heavy handed attitude of NCUA examinators at this time is not helping our credit union to help members who really need financial help. Some place they forgot why we are credit unions!
  • While talking to a credit union member on the 24th of April, 2009, our conversation touched on a subject that no one wants to talk about. If the prime rate seems to determine what interest rates will be paid for deposits into savings accounts or CD's, then what determines when an adjustable rate mortgage should go up or down? Why are these arm mortgages going up when everything else is down including the prime rate?
    Betty Lorbecki
  • We have not yet created an exit plan for the unwanted factions in our corporate credits unions that we no longer want to support. If the main reason for creating the corporate credit unions was to be able to invest in higher risk MBS and that's what has gotten us into this mess, then I guess we failed to accomplish our mission. What I am simply saying is that the people in housing sales (realtors), investment banking systems and the financial sector on Wall Street outsmarted us. This is quite a lesson that we have learned and we must never let this happen again. As far as I know, secrecy has never served to solve problems. If credit unions are member owned, then owners should not be kept in the dark.
    Ron Lorbecki