April 2, 2007


  • Outstanding, interesting, and informative!
  • You forgot to mention Seatlle Grace''s McSteamy Savings account- now that one has huge growth potential.
  • Who says today''s journalist doesn''t do any articles with depth and truthfullness.
    J. Smith
  • DHARMA Federal Credit Union, "Where everyone can join, but no one can leave"
  • Too bad about the Kwik-E-Mart ATMs.
    Dan B
  • Believe it or not, there actually is a credit union in the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. Guess who runs it? Mr. Burns, of course! It''s been on at least one episode that I know of, where the bald-headed baboon in sector 7G needed some quick cash!
    Tim H
  • Very funny stuff! In my country though, I would have my head chopped off for uttering such things! :)
    Ahbu Mosabbi
  • Thanks, made my day. You could have done something with a credit union trying to buy another credit union! Oh, wait that was tried!
    John B.
  • Creative and fun.
    Bob E.
  • Funny, I saw Mr. Keillor in Memphis last month and he didn''t mention anything about their two new ATMs. Maybe he was too busy thinking that the flavored cola would trump his trusty Power Milk biscuts! So creative- your graphic artist should get a raise!
    Natalie Cathey