An Enhanced Website for an Evolving Industry

In the upcoming weeks when you come to check out the latest articles, you’ll find our site has a fresh new look and feel.


In the upcoming weeks when you come to check out the latest articles, you’ll find our site has a fresh new look and feel. This is one step in Callahan and Associates’ ongoing effort to provide the credit union industry with the tools and insights you need via the most convenient channel.

Shrinking margins and a troubled economy are making it increasingly difficult for credit unions to map out the best and most effective growth strategy for the future. Now it is more important than ever to tap into our abundance of resources readily available for you, as you evaluate and improve your credit union’s performance. Our new site design will make it easier for you to navigate around our website to quickly find the resources that are most pertinent to your organization.

Conveniently Customizing Your Search Results
When you log onto the site next week, you’ll find timely new graphs, rotated daily. Highlighting the latest trends and issues in credit unions, these streamlined graphs will give you a quick snapshot of what’s going on in the industry, without having to drill down in search of this important data.

It will also be easier for you to search our site for information on a specific industry topic. With fourteen searchable categories, you can easily pull up new and past articles on key credit union topics such as lending, mortgages and other core subjects. Each article also has a relevant number of tags, such as "financial performance" or "delivery channels" to help you easily narrow your search and quickly find the articles that are most relevant to you.

Informative video clips will also be embedded within articles to give you a more comprehensive view of what’s going on in the industry. These clips will provide valuable insights on the latest initiatives that credit unions are taking and offer best practices from the experienced perspective of Callahan analysts, credit union executives, and other stakeholders within the industry network. You can view the "clip of the day" right on our homepage!

Budget-savvy, Expanded Product Offerings
We have also made it easier for customers to benefit from all of our product offerings. Premium Members will receive our full lineup of publications along with access to all of our online resources, including the Directory Online and Technology Guide Online. This allows members to have our financial benchmarking and planning resources right at their fingertips, without the hassle of single sign-ons or individual purchases for each product. Premium Members will also have access to exclusive articles posted on the site! Our standard content posted each week will still be available to all visitors.

For more information and to view a preview of the site watch this short video.

If you have questions on the upcoming changes, please post them below or email Nicole Devine.




Sept. 8, 2008


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