July 9, 2014


  • Excellent article with relevant metaphors Leigh. Most organizations see succession planning as part of a disruptive event, like the death, disablement or retirement of a leader. But organizationally we need to think differently. Succession should also include the likely and riskier event of a leader no longer providing the impetus for growth, execution and transformation. Truly this is the essence of leadership and when a leader's impact on an organization moves from transformational to incremental, shouldn't there be a plan for succession?
    Rich Jones
  • I am headed toward retirement so I recognize the importance of expanding opportunities for younger leaders, but I also want to emphasize the "pain of winding down". While I know that my contribution to credit unions is best measured by what comes next (after my retirement - insuring the programs I work on continue to grow and flourish after my work is done), getting my head and heart ready to move on is a work in progress. So young leaders be patient with more seasoned leaders. But for those of us preparing for the next phases of our lives, I would encourage you to mentor younger leaders to help them find their own way to lead and to continue to build this great movement. Millions of people depend on us to provide them with the financial tools to live better lives. So lets gets ready for the next generation.
  • This is exactly right on. The challenge I see today is not only going through the succession planning process but how to keep rock star up and comers intersted, engaged, and well paid that they are willing to pass up immeidate opportunties for longer term sucess. Most organizations at a certain size have several very tallented employees that could be true superstars in top mgmt. But, only one will ever get that title and that "one" may come from the outside despite excellent tallent inside. As leaders we need to pay this rising stars well, engage them in the creative process and allow them to tackle impt projects daily. Otherwise, the grass will definatley look greener on the other side of the fence.