Customize Your Query for Industry Professionals

While data is valuable, it cannot answer every question. Who can you speak with to dig deeper than the raw data? We took an unconventional approach to searching for credit union professionals to illustrate the power of a contact database.


While data is valuable, it cannot answer every question. There is often a story behind the raw numbers. Luckily, the cooperative spirit of credit unions lends itself to simply picking up the phone and getting the full scoop from the right person.

But how do you track down the person to contact? We compiled a list of the names of CEOs, CFOs, Marketing and Loan managers in Callahan’s 2005 Credit Union Directory. While the hardcopy of the directory provides users the option to find these listings by credit union or by the last name of the CEO, the Online Directory offers users the ability to search by first or last name of any contact.

The ways that you can utilize this resource of contacts are endless. As an example, we came up with a search you probably would not have considered: determining the most popular names of credit union CEOs, CFOs, Marketing and Loan managers listed in the Directory (see chart below).

Whether you’re trying to contact a leading credit union professional or name your child after one, the Online Directory provides daily updates so you always have the latest information. With contact listings for all 9,406 credit unions in the United States, our 2005 Credit Union Directory is a valuable resource for networking with professionals throughout the industry. Click here to learn more.

The Top Names of Credit Union Professionals
Data as of June 30, 2004
Rank Name #   Rank Name #
1 James 373   1 Linda 228
2 Robert 362   2 Mary 190
3 John 353   3 Deborah 155
4 Michael 328   4 Susan 146
5 David 288   5 Barbara 158