D-I-Y CUs are quickly realizing, being Blacklisted is a Bad Thing!

You’ve planned carefully, done the research. You’ve crafted creative copy guaranteed to make an impact. Even scrubbed your email list to ensure its accuracy. Hit the send button and then it happens…




You’ve planned carefully, done the research. You’ve crafted creative copy guaranteed to make an impact. Even scrubbed your email list to ensure its accuracy. Hit the send button and then it happens…

…. your credit union’s entire email system is blacklisted and blocked from delivering ALL outbound email for a given period of time. Anyone can send out broadcast emails. True! But with today’s high-tech spam blockers, Internet Service Provider (ISP) technology and firewalls, a majority of the best email messages never reach their designated inboxes. With over 130 million consumers bombarded with emails each day and ISPs taking a stronger stand to reduce SPAM. The days of blasting the same message to a credit union’s collected email address database are long gone.

The War on Spam is taking no prisoners!

You are starting to hear more and more about entire credit union email systems getting blacklisted and blocked from delivering ALL outbound email for given periods of time. (in email terminology “blacklisted” is a very bad thing) And, it doesn’t matter if they’re personal emails or customer messages. Imagine your CEO sending an email to a member and finding out that it never got there!

Last month, after a busy day of sending mass emails, a Credit Union, wishing to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, found itself blacklisted at most of the major ISPs. For years the credit union used its own do-it-yourself, email delivery system for promotional campaigns, eStatement notifications and e-newsletters sending messages from their own email servers. A quick analysis of their email system confirmed their blacklist status. To determine the severity of the problem an email message was sent to DigitalMailer’s “ monitoring” distribution list using the credit union’s normal delivery system.

To summarize the results from the credit union’s system in the chart below: 35 percent hit the inbox, 10 percent were distributed but marked as spam, and 55 percent never made it. This Credit Union’s legitimate email marketers are wasting their time and budgets trying to grow business via email the old-fashion way.

Email Delivery Success: Via Non-certified, “Do-It-Yourself” System

Email Sender Reputation = Growth

Does the ISP war on SPAM mean that credit unions should abandon the email channel altogether? Absolutely not! Email and the Internet provide one of the fastest, least expensive channels for credit unions to use to grow their business. You just need to make sure you’re playing by the ISP rules. Many industry experts agree that when it comes to email delivery, who is sending your email is more important than what’s contained in your message. Referred to as “sender reputation,” it is becoming a key dynamic in getting your emails cleared for delivery by most ISPs. Leading ISPs measure a variety of factors to determine message legitimacy, such as complaint rates, sending patterns and unknown user addresses. Building a solid email sender reputation requires:

  • Prompt list unsubscribe request processing;
  • Establishing Feedback Loops with all major ISPs;
  • Prompt processing of feedback from ISPs;
  • Establishing Sender Policy Framework (SFP) records;
  • Deploying high volume mail servers with per domain email/hour throttling;
  • Reputation monitoring of your IP addresses at major ISPs;
  • Delivery Monitoring …determining Inbox-to-Spam Ratios;
  • Automatic Bounce Processing and removing all “hard” bounces; and
  • Client data/Email lists stored in a SAS-70 Level II data center with redundancy.

Why should credit unions use a certified email system? Deliverability results! Take a look at the credit union’s same email sent to the same addresses using DigitalMailer’s email system, certified on 4.3 million servers worldwide: 97 percent hit the inbox, with the other 3 percent being distributed but marked as spam, and that by an ISP that blocks almost everyone.

Email Delivery Success: Via A Certified Email System

Who’s Monitoring Your Email Reputation?

It’s a sure bet that in a do-it-yourself email system you’ll face challenges in sending multiple emails and mass email campaigns in today’s online marketplace. But resources and support are available to improve your odds – and to strengthen the impact of your digital messages. DigitalMailer constantly monitors its email reputation and measures its excellent deliverability rates. Credit unions that use our digital communication tools benefit from our reputation and have one less thing to worry about.

Stop wasting time and money! Partnering with a certified email delivery system may be the winning combination for your e-marketing ROI.

For tips on improving the deliverability of your email messages or to learn more about DigitalMailer’s certified email system, visit www.digitalmailer.com or send an email to info@digitalmailer.com.

Ron Daly is President/CEO of DigitalMailer, Inc. a CUSO that combines its technology know-how and online communication tools to create an affordable way for clients to drive profitable growth. For more information, contact DigitalMailer at (866) 994-4900 or go to www.digitalmailer.com. You can reach Ron by email at rdaly@digitalmailer.com.