Do Your Members Know the Difference Between a Bank and Credit Union?

Member mobilization cannot happen fast enough now. A new turnkey education program creates and reinforces members’ understanding of the credit union difference.


With the November 3rd taxation hearings by the House Ways and Means Committee along with the ongoing battle over CURIA, the issue of credit union uniqueness is one of the most important issues facing our industry today. Most experts agree that the key to a positive outcome is to educate credit union members about what makes a credit union different, why we are unique!

The 86.2 million credit union membership base is our largest single asset—our political capital—as we prepare for battle. The key question is: How do we as an industry mobilize our membership?

CU-Vote is a program created by the Alabama Credit Union League, which believes that education is the first step of mobilization. CU-Vote has offered Alabama credit unions a standardized, turnkey member education program that is the same for all credit union across the state. The program focuses on credit union uniqueness through three communication mediums:

  • Direct member communication such as statement stuffers;
  • Branch resources such as tent cards; and
  • Media resources such as short DVD presentations.

In Alabama, the education program dramatically improved members’ awareness of such issues as, "Are credit unions non-profit?", "Are credit unions tax exempt?", and "Who owns the credit union?".

Because of the overwhelmingly strong results in Alabama, CU-Vote will begin offering the program to credit unions nationwide. Through the member education campaign with a common national message, we will be able to educate our 86.2 million members, so if needed we can mobilize our members to effectively fight taxation.

For more information on how your credit union can use member education to mobilize your membership, contact Jon Jeffreys at or call 800-237-5678.




Oct. 31, 2005


  • I believe our Industry would be more successful with the legislators in Washington by also calculating and communicating the Credit Union Industry's overall Dollar Value give back to our memberships calculated by using loan,savings and fee differentials. Until we can quantifiably demonstrate the value we deliver in dollars and cents we may continue to have problems defending our tax exemption.