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Last week we covered the tree-killing, printed magazines on the New Economy. This week, our ecommerce team reviewed our favorite email newsletters.


Last week we covered the tree-killing, printed magazines on the New Economy. This week, our ecommerce team reviewed our favorite email newsletters. After all, if you're covering the Internet Economy, shouldn't you be recieving your information through that medium, too?


Vital Stats: www.redherring.com, daily, free.
What they say: "It provides a sophisticated insider's perspective on the emerging technologies that are driving the new economy."
What we say: Although I don't read the monthly hardcopy magazine, I do start each morning with this 100 word, email newsletter by Rafe Needleman. A must read. On the website, there are 12 others to choose from as well.
Our favorite part: It's short!
Our Least Favorite part: None.

Vital Stats: www.webpronews.com, daily, free
What they say: "WebProNews, a daily text newsletter for webmasters. Articles by noted experts on web site design, development, promotion, ranking and profitability. Now read by 500,000+ webmasters. "
What we say: Provides some very good ideas and opinions on all aspects of site design, promotion, and e-commerce. Written by industry professionals who in many instances are writing their own case studies of success and failure. Keep in mind that these writers are often trying to promote their own products / services. While the articles are not pure marketing pieces, the content is often geared towards a solution or specific website they are promoting.
Our Favorite Part: Completely Free!
Our Least Favorite Part: Sorting through the ads/marketing to get to the useful content.

Vital Stats: www.wilsonweb.com, weekly, Web Marketing is free, Web Commerce is $49.95/year
What they say: "Our goal is to help business people learn how to market their products and services more effectively by means of a Website.While we will learn from large corporations on the Web, we focus on marketing strategies which can be accomplished with the limited budgets typical of small to medium-size businesses."
What we say: Paying for the Web Commerce also gives you access to this site's entire article archive. More tailored to newbies in the industry, these newsletters aren't the latest research but they organize a lot information that other people assume you already know. A great way to get questions answered that you may be too embarrassed to ask someone else and always a place to start your research.
Our Favorite Part: The research room on wilsonweb.com
Our Least Favorite Part: The HTML version.

Vital Stats: http://e-newsletters.internet.com, daily email, free
What they say: "InternetDay, a daily newsletter delivered to 190,000+ webmasters. Receive expert advice on site promotion, advertising, sales, meta-tags, affiliate programs and more from a host of successful Web professionals. ."
What we say: Another useful resource with good content relating to Internet strategy and website design.
Our Favorite Part: Well written / researched articles.
Our Least Favorite Part: Daily content can sometimes be a little too much. Result: Many useful articles inevitably go unread




June 5, 2000



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