e-LERTs – More Than Outbound Email Marketing

Email addresses offer credit unions an opportunity to communicate quickly and inexpensively with their members. One large Mid-Atlantic credit union with addresses for over 25% of their members is asking them what they would like to be e-LERTed to…


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Email addresses offer credit unions an opportunity to communicate quickly and inexpensively with their members. One large Mid-Atlantic credit union with addresses for over 25% of their members is asking them what they would like to be e-LERTed to…

Capitalizing on Current Trends
The most popular use for the Internet continues to be email and many credit unions are searching for ways to collect email addresses. CUs using these addresses to communicate more effectively and profitably with their members. Members continue to raise their hands for more CU information by email with some surveys estimating that 70% of members are requesting additional information from their CU.

Credit Unions across the country are capitalizing on these trends with a new digital communication product known as e-LERTs. These trends, coupled with e-LERT’s ''Tell-Me-When'' choices, can pinpoint member interest and make a Marketing Department’s job a bit easier, not to mention more effective. Credit Unions are using e-LERTs to create both targeted marketing opportunities and operational efficiencies. It’s a win-win situation since members get the information they request and the CU gets permission to use the email address for marketing and the chance to reduce operating costs.

Self-service for Marketing Information
Northwest FCU (Herndon, VA) www.northwestfcu.org is live with its new e-LERT system. Members sign up for one or all six ''Tell-Me-When'' fields that NWFCU offers. Current choices offered by the CU are consumer loan rates, CD rates or savings rate changes as well as when free seminars, special offers or new services are available. The Internet is helping the credit union to implement this new self-service technology where online members can

  • Enroll in ''Tell-Me-When'' fields;
  • Receive their targeted email notices;
  • Edit their current ''Tell-Me-When'' preferences; and
  • Use the CU’s web site to get information faster

Joan Stroud, Marketing Manager, comments ''When a member enrolls in e-LERTs they are telling me what products they are interested in and that it’s okay to contact them by email.'' She adds, ''I flag my MCIF system with the information and gear future marketing at that interest.''

e-LERTs – More Than Outbound Email Marketing
NWFCU is in the process of creating operational efficiencies using the same addresses collected for e-LERTs and eStatements. In the near future, members enrolled in e-LERTs (or eStatements) will receive operational notices via the Internet. Notices will be ''delivered'' to their private, online member information library and an e-LERT will be transmitted to the member that a notice is waiting for them.

''e-LERTs provide NWFCU with both marketing and operational alert capabilities'', said Gerrianne Burks, EVP at NWFCU. ''We’ve launched the marketing aspects of the product and will launch the second phase of operational notices later this year. The goal is to reduce expenses and take routine calls away from our call center.'' The scheduled e-LERTs to follow are balance warnings, overdraft notices, CD maturity notices and EFT deposit notification.

When asked if the CU was worried about overusing email addresses, Stroud commented, ''It’s not spam if our members get information they specifically request. In addition, members are thrilled that they can edit their ''Tell-Me-When'' choices. This keeps the member fine-tuning the CU’s MCIF data.''

DigitalMailer’s e-LERT product is the perfect email address collection service and gives CUs the ability to offer members ''tell-me-when'' e-mail notification services. Learn more about what members are asking for from their CU at http://www.digitalmailer.com/elerts.html

DigitalMailer, Inc. (www.DigitalMailer.com) provides digital communication products such as e-LERT, that assist CUs in gaining a strategic business advantage over competitors via the Internet and their website. DigitalMailer also develops and produces eSTATEMENTS and e-CHECK for CUs that reduce operating expenses, enhance cross-selling opportunities and increase revenue for our clients. For more information, contact DigitalMailer directly at 866-994-4900, or via e-mail at info@digitalmailer.com

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Sept. 23, 2002



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