eBrief: Five Resources for your Card Portfolio

From deciding to re-enter the market, realistically evaluating the profitability of your portfolio or considering offering rewards there’s something here for nearly every card program.


The financial reform bill will impact credit unions in several ways; perhaps most notably in debit card interchange. According to Callahan & Associates’ annual non-interest income survey, credit unions are looking to areas of growth and opportunity – such as credit cards – to buffer the effects of interchange regulation. To help you enhance your credit card portfolio, Callahan has assembled a collection of resources that covers everything from entering the card market, to evaluating the profitability of your portfolio, to offering rewards.

Eliminate Pitfalls and Maximize Returns From Your Credit Card Core
Learn how to utilize current opportunities for solid credit card portfolio growth while avoiding economic and asset quality pitfalls.

3 Things Every Credit Union Should Know About Credit Card Management and Profitability
Industry expert Tim Kolk offers credit unions advice on how to understand, influence, and change the factors that drive credit card program profitability.

Opportunity: Why Credit Unions Should (Re)Enter the Credit Card Business
Credit cards are the second-fastest growing segment of the credit union loan portfolio and are the only product to grow faster in the first quarter of 2010 than in the previous year. This complimentary MasterCard event provides consumer insights on how credit unions can leverage their retail positioning to effectively enter (or expand) credit card business.

Profitability Reporting is Good for Your Members
It might be tempting to view profitability reporting as a responsibility of the CFO and CEO, but reliable profitability measurement benefits your entire member base.

Measuring and Managing Your Credit Card Program Profitability
This webinar builds on a prior session but also works as a stand-alone resource for all credit unions that want to grow card programs and deepen member relationships. Credit card success requires balancing member value with product returns; this session provides the tools, models, and techniques for striking that balance.