eBrief: Generation Y Round-Up

Marketing to Gen Y can seem like a daunting task, but these tips will help you to get the right message to the right potential members.


Generation Y is not an easy sell. It is young, easily entertained, and easily distracted. Technology steals its attention, and it lives in a world that revolves around two words: Me and Now. Reaching it with your credit union’s message is difficult but not impossible. From targeting parents to realizing your credit union can learn from walking in the steps of a shoe company, the methods in this blog round-up will help you reach the demographic with efficiency and consistency.

Want to Attract Young Adults? Start by Easing Their Fears

Although Gen Y members are normally more focused on their cellphones than the billboards around them, a distinct marketing initiative can still work. The recession is bad but not all bad. Gen Yers are feeling less optimistic about the economy, which means they’re getting serious about finances. Play your cards right, and you could snag some new members.

The Way To Attract “Y”ounger Members

The Generation Y crowd looks to parents for financial guidance. Here, our own Gen Y writer explains how his parents’ love of credit unions influenced him and how, despite stiff competition from banks, credit unions can win the marketing battle. Don’t forget to check out his second installment of tips, too.

Zappos’ Online Presence is a Touchstone for Credit Unions

What can a credit union learn from an online shoe retailer? A ton. Zappos' employees have their own Twitter accounts to interact with customers, and our writer tweeted with the company's CEO. Sounds like something a credit union can mimic to enhance member relationships. Remember, Gen Y loves the Internet.

Fad or Function?

What does Gen Y use as currency? Information. Good, useful information still trumps bells and whistles. The key is to combine technology and information in a way that attracts and retains Gen Y members.