eBrief: Save Time and Money by Connecting Systems, People, and Processes

Be a superhero at your credit union when you demonstrate how electronic workflow aids automatic decision making and complex routing.


Today's market is forcing every industry – credit unions included – to evaluate processes and create efficient workflow. As a result, IT staffs are under pressure to eke out more value from existing systems and resources.

Adding electronic workflow with an enterprise content management (ECM) solution is one cost-effective way to enhance existing systems. The limited workflow built into some core systems is perfect for scenarios such as opening a new account, but services such as mortgage loan origination require advanced workflow solutions for optimal return.

How it Works
Workflow within an ECM solution ties together multiple systems, people, and processes to automate decision making and complex routing. Credit unions configure workflow systems with existing systems – such as core banking, line-of-business, and archival – to match process needs and can reuse configurations such as security, document types, and keywords.

For example, loan operations staff uses "Paid Off" reports to determine if refunds or collateral release/return is required. Staff also initiates the loan's record retention period. Electronic workflow, however, automatically flows related document(s) or information through a lifecycle of pre-configured work queues.

Measuring Success
To measure the power of ECM, select a process to automate. Document the tasks, hand-offs, and procedures involved with the process as it currently works. Then, choose metrics to measure, such as process timeline, document involvement, and error ratios. Choosing metrics is critical to demonstrating the value and effectiveness of the electronic workflow.

Electronic workflow solutions save time and money and are easy to configure and maintain. Adding the electronic workflow component to an existing ECM solution is inexpensive. Electronic workflow even helps institutions without an ECM system be more successful and efficient in today’s market. If used correctly, ROI on electronic workflow can be higher than any other piece of software.