eBrief: What Credit Unions Can Do With Social Media

Tools such as Facebook and Twitter present wonderful opportunities to build relationships and generate community involvement.


Twitter and Facebook are bobbing up and down in the minds of financial services professionals. How do I use Twitter? What is it good for? How do Twitter and Facebook interact?

There is uncertainty, but credit unions are diving directly into the deeper ends of the pool and generating exciting results. Here, we offer a review of social media tips and insight.

Credit Unions in the Twittersphere
For beginner Twitter-ers, learn about Twitter and what other credit unions have done with the social media tool. You’ll see some interesting — even squirrely — approaches. The article inclues a link to a previous Twitter webinar.

Twenty to Follow on Twitter: Credit Union Mavens
Figuring out whom to follow on Twitter isn’t always easy. So check out this list of industry players and shakers. Then don’t forget to read the second installment, Twenty to Follow on Twitter: More Credit Union Mavens to Follow.

Cross-Marketing Social Media
This piece offers several examples of credit unions fusing marketing strategies new and old to engage customers and drive results. The article lists the types of media used by each credit union to elucidate just how inventive the combinations can be.

5 Twitter Tips for Credit Unions
Want five easy things you can do to help your Twitter campaign engage members? Then read this article for real-world tactics that credit unions are using to thrive in their social media outreach.

Facebook Lures Consumers In and Brings Them Together
Fort Knox Federal Credit Union harnessed the power of Facebook to drive traffic to its page and generate goodwill among its members. Read more about it's Fan Drive.