July 18, 2011


  • Yes, Internet Explorer. So I am sure that it is an internal IT thing. Thanks.
    Dan Lynch
  • Hi Dan,

    I've tested the video in multiple browsers and it seems to be working. If you are trying to view the video from an office PC it is possible that your firewall or other corporate IT settings are currently blocking the content.

    Unfortunately, this would probably impact your ability to view any of the videos on our site. More info on how to resolve this and other video related playback problems can be found here:


    (copy/paste the above link into your browser)

    Hope this helps!
    Scott Patterson (Callahan)
  • Hi Dan,

    Were you viewing the article in Internet Explorer? I just pulled it up in Firefox, and the video played just fine. Let me know.
    Thomas Cullen
  • I tried to watch the video that accompanied the article but it was unavailable to play???
    Dan Lynch