Effective Online Advertising – introducing a new strategic tool

Giving the web viewer what they want while increasing the visibility of your website promotions and your brand messaging no longer has to be two disparate objectives.


Have you ever wondered why the Google’s and Myspace’s of the world are so successful? The answer is simple. That’s where the action is, where the eyeballs are! Wouldn’t you like a 100,000th of that online activity?

When you have direct access to the administrative log files of your credit union website (on your host server) some interesting things are revealed. These are unmasked files; no algorithms, no manipulation, no hiding. These are raw numbers that reveal the truth; the good, the bad, and the just plain ugly.

Surprising tidbits about web viewership

Tidbit #1: The average amount of time a visitor spends on the typical homepage is around six seconds. Actually, current trending shows that figure is actually diminishing. That number is a composite derived from analyzing tens of thousands of administrative log files across various market and demographic sectors. The simple fact is that you typically do not have much time to engage the viewer.

I think this helps explain why the top sites out there look and feel the way they do: they’re consistently concise, focused, well-organized, intuitive, and have minimal graphical extravaganzas. It only makes sense. Give the viewer what the viewer wants, not what the marketer (or interactive agency) thinks the viewer wants.

Tidbit #2: More than 70% of financial services website viewers (both banks and credit unions) bypass the “public” website and head directly to their online banking login screen – straight to online banking services. Typically this is a “rather bland” environment – very old school (Web 1.0ish) – where most of us lose the ability to effectively communicate, market, or support our brand.

Who exactly owns that space – you or the online banking vendor? If it’s your online banking vendor, well, they’ve dropped the ball.

What we do know is that the vast majority of us do not effectively market in this environment at all, and this is a major missed opportunity. Sure, some of you can place a banner ad on your banking landing page, but what’s the reality when you want to rapidly change your message or analyze the effectiveness of this ad? We all know the honest answer, and it’s not pretty. It usually takes too long, costing a ridiculous amount of time, money, or both.

Finally there’s a way to efficiently advertise and promote your services in this virtually untapped frontier, and it’s called Promometer. This new online subscription tool builds promotions – in real time – and facilitates the easy placement of these ads into pages where they will be measurably acted upon.

Let’s break it down.

Promo stands for promotion, in this case, an image with a link assigned to it that displays within a webpage -- including secure online banking web pages. Figuratively, it is a graphical area on a webpage that is used to promote a product or a message, and / or to drive traffic to other pages. These are effective online message advertisements.

Meter stands for metrics. The Promometer metric layer provides real-time tracking of how many times your promotions are loaded, viewed , and clicked on. That information allows you to understand which messages are most important to your viewers, facilitating the tuning of your messaging. The power of this tool is the provision of granular information as to what areas of your online channel are really serving their intended purpose..

Promometer opens up a whole new marketing venue, one any in-house marketing department can immediately capitalize on. Promometer is extremely easy to use – requiring zero interaction with your programmer or web developer. Using today’s terminology, it could be described as a “widget builder.” Promometer demonstrably increases the visibility of your website promotions and your brand messaging, increasing conversion rates, all with comprehensive reporting tools to accountably track the performance of your online advertising. Plus, it’s ridiculously inexpensive.

Offline advertising suffers terribly, too. In today’ world cynicism towards “brands” and traditional marketing is way up. On or offline, the challenge remains the same – how do you place you message where it will be seen and acted upon?

We can now effectively communicate where our member’s eyeballs are – behind the online banking login screen.

About L9.com

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Aug. 20, 2007


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