May 22, 2006


  • Scott, I agree with your assessment - collection and easy access of organizational knowledge is important and, sadly, is often overlooked in credit union IT strategy. Many of the "how tos" of collaborative technologies aren't common knowledge in CU land yet, though. Password-protected internal blogs and wikis, both technologies that haven't quite hit the mainstream yet, are being used in many businesses outside of credit unions for collaboration, collection, and that easy access you mention in both articles. Good writing, Trey Reeme
  • Several credit unions are already effectively using knowledge management and member care technologies to ensure consistent, prompt and accurate information across all support channels and when providing self-service and assisted-service support. Like Wikis, these same technologies also often facilitate open yet controlled collaboration in creating content and providing support. Call the technology what you want, but what’s critical is improving knowledge sharing and member care and many credit unions already get it!
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