March 18, 2013


  • As a third party provider and business partner for Penfed, this structure allows us to engage the full executive group. We become more accountable across all business lines and cannot rest on prior relationships. Kudos not only to the CEO, but to all the management team who embrace this structure.
    Fred Caprio
  • I think it is a brilliant idea! This allows "two sets of eyes" in every area of business! It can shake things up in a most positive way! No wonder he has little turn over.
    Kathleen Quinn
  • Just way to risky in this legal.lawsuit society. A rookie manager in a Department could/will make a mistake that will/could cost the credit union way to much in litigation. I prefer spending a day a every six months in all other deparments for each manager so they begin to have a clue to what each is dealing with.
    Dennis Fisher
  • A model concept/program that truly creates individual (and ultimately, company) strength - knowledge,awareness, and courage to succeed - together.
    Lisa Kuhn Phillips