Oct. 19, 2009


  • Peter,

    Thanks for the comment. The specific promotion that sparked that advice was a retirement planning seminar, obviously targeted more towards the Boomer generation.

    To target that demographic, Dawn and Kelsey identified direct mailing as the most effective form of communication. More important perhaps, was the messaging that accompanied it. The marketing was styled like an invitation. For example: “You’re invited to attend A+ FCU’s retirement seminar”. The campaign was extremely effective. They had people calling to reserve a spot up until the day of the event and the seminar was packed. They also noted that many members would call in referencing the “invitation”, adding an element of exclusivity to the seminars.

    This brings up a valid point that we will cover in the webinar: How do you as the marketer, promote financial literacy programs to make sure they have the broadest reach, and thus, maximize the return on your credit union/member’s investment?
    Chris Tissue
  • Great points about segmenting members to boost the effectiveness of education programs.

    I would be interested to hear which channels (direct mail, in-branch signage, etc.) worked best for each group.

    Thank you!
    Peter Hodges (@bellco_cu)