Nov. 7, 2011


  • I love that this bubble-up approach to process improvement is alive and well at least at Affinity Plus. We at Filene published research last year about Employee Voice at credit unions and found that there's little statistical correlation between the quality of an idea and a person's role at the organization ... so credit unions that walk the talk of putting ideas from all levels to the test, make me pretty happy.
    Ben Rogers
  • I thought the article was great and the process employed very well thought through. In particular , I appreciated the respect that forms the basis of the program given that any employee's idea will be considered but what made it a real positive for me was the inclusion/ requirement of that employee in researching, executing and measuring the uplift. Truly an excellent way to build our future leaders.

    I would have also liked to see ...perhaps a second article...a financial analysis relating to the end result of some of these projects....that would have made the examples more powerful
    Mike Mastro
  • Love this article. One concern...not all ideas are feasible or realistic. How does the group maintain control and keep employees and ideas from going crazy?