First Look Data Correlates with Industry Trends

The deadline for credit unions to submit their third Quarter Call Reports is Oct. 22. Find out how you can get a first peek at credit union industry trends before the NCUA’s official data release date in late November.


Whether it is to determine who will win a presidential election or end the season as the country’s number one college football team, polls and surveys help make predictions. The credit union industry is no different.

Callahan & Associates uses its First Look Project to get a sneak peak at quarterly data and predict industry trends. In most areas, the trends for First Look participating credit unions follow the same trends as all those in the U.S. Click here to see a chart comparing First Look credit union data with the entire industry.

Each quarter Callahan encourages credit unions to participate in the First Look Project. Through First Look, credit unions can submit their call reports to Callahan at the same time that they submit them to the NCUA.

First Look participating credit unions typically outperform the rest of the industry in all areas except for net interest margin. The 485 credit unions that participated in First Look for the second quarter of 2004 had an average ROA of 1.07 percent while the average ROA for the entire credit union industry was 0.92 percent.

The line graph below demonstrates this for ROA over the past year.

By providing an early look at credit union trends, First Look is a valuable resource for all credit unions. To participate, send your call report to




Oct. 18, 2004



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