First Things First

Organizational strength and flexibility help ease the fears of first-time homebuyers.


Undertaking a large task for the first time can be nerve-racking. Such is the case with buying a home, and for first-time homebuyers, the task is monumental. There is paperwork. There is terminology. There is a large check to write. Added to that is the pressure of choosing the right house.

To engage its first-time homebuyers, Air Academy Federal Credit Union ($414.1M, Colorado Springs, CO) deploys a staff of commissioned loan officers who have a sole focus: mortgages. They’re available whenever it’s convenient for the member (including nights and weekends) and they try to keep the closing process to a manageable length of 30-45 days.

The credit union also cultivates relationships with local realtors. It partners with title companies to educate realtors, networks with relators, offers presentations, and makes office visits with AAFCU collateral in hand.

To learn more AAFCU's relationship-building strategies, watch the clip below. Then check out the webinar, "First-Time Home Buyers: Helping Members Take the Plunge."