Five CEO Competencies: A Succession Planning Exercise

Evaluating a candidate for a senior level management position? Evaluating the resume is just the beginning of your assessment process.


1. Resume skills

  • What kinds of accomplishments will your choice candidate have achieved?
  • What is the balance between their level of formal education and their complexity of experience?
  • Are they in the midst of a continuing educational process?
  • Do they have a degree of local, regional or national visibility?

2. Soft skills
While a little harder to measure, skills like decision making, leadership, conflict management, futuristic thinking and written communication (among a myriad of others) indicate how a senior manager will lead his staff and organization.

3. Behavior
What is the preferred behavior of the role? To be successful, in this role, what is the kind of ideal behavior a candidate will have? (In answering these kind of questions, it is best not to think about the current individual in that role; separate whoever is in the role from your assessment of the needed behavior in current and future states.

4. Values
With this competency, be sure to choose values that need to be more readily accessed or uncovered, not necessarily the ones that are already deeply entrenched in the corporate mindset. What three values will the senior manager need to bring to the table to fulfill this strategic vision?

5. Emotional intelligence
A candidate with stellar resume but lacking strong emotional intelligence can produce a breakdown. How a person functions in the workplace with his/her own emotions (and those of others) to best achieve desired outcomes is a critical success factor.

In creating a position description that goes beyond regular operational requirements and proven skill sets, you are more likely to identify the appropriate candidate correctly from the outset. By taking the time to generate a more holistic profile of the position, you are giving your organization a stronger foundation for your entire strategic succession plan.




March 24, 2008



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