Oct. 27, 2008


  • Overall, great article but Lydia really missed another key delivery channel - Shared Branching! Members have access to over 3,555 (and growing) branch locations. Shared Branching allows members face-to-face interaction with tellers of credit unions on the network with real-time transaction processing. SB solidifies creating members for life - when members move/relocate or as they travel they will always have access to one of thousands of shared branching locations. I agree that credit unions need to have a multi-pronged delivery channel to meet the changing needs of a diverse membership base. As you know members still value human interaction and trust and rely of a strong branch delivery channel to conduct deposit and more difficult transactions. You hit a key point in referencing that MSRs and staff are a key element in recognizing and referring members to the appropriate delivery channel! Thanks for another great article Lydia.
    Laura Hatter
  • Good article, however, Laura makes a good point as well. Shared branching brings in about 70% of their transaction dollars as deposits. Mostly because members prefer that human touch for security of deposits.