Aug. 18, 2008


  • Ben brings up several excellent examples! If you are interested in learning about Young & Free, you should also check out is predecessor, Young & Free Alberta. TDECU''s initiative is based on Common Wealth CU''s campaign, which has already selected their "spokester."
    Elliott Kashner
  • Good way to get more readers - I would have continued without the pictures because I love words - and the topic is what draws me in. Admittedly, I am older by far than Gen Y - but that''s not the point. Excellent use of illustration and association. Also, I read the other articles earlier when posted. Including the list of 50 ''best'' websites in the one article was perfect! If you have not read it, go to the article ''Does Gen Y Love your Website, click on that link and read the ''reasons'' those listed websites are so great!
  • Great post Elliott! As additional good examples of "tangible" financial services, I suggest: TDECU''s new Young & Free initiative: PNC''s Virtual Wallet Amplify FCU''s retail locations: (The software won''t let me post links, but you can google these terms for the right idea)
    Ben Rogers