April 3, 2013


  • Does the credit union have an indirect lending program? Wouldn't having an indirect program give the CU at least an even chance of capturing the loan in the first place?
    Will McGregor
  • Great and timely article. Another good reson to partner with Enterprise!
    K Quinn
  • VERY timely article. This just happened to my mother last week -- she insisted on CU financing, and the dealer told her the CU turned her down and signed her up a bank loan. She called me, somewhat upset about the CU, and I asked her to call the indirect lending manager at the CU. Sure enough, the dealer had simply lied about the whole thing. The CU took care of the situation with the dealer and got the loan back a few days later. Great reminder that it's just good business to hold your partners accountable and go to bat for your members.
    Brian Wringer