Aug. 18, 2008


  • The author makes some excellent points. It''s hard to keep a long term perspective in light of the current margin squeeze.
  • Dane, Thanks for the article. And if you drill down deeper where the parents are concerned, you''ll find that boys and girls look more to their mothers for advice than the fathers.
    Roger Conant
  • Excellent points - but here''s a very simple fact to promote to kids of all ages. Do the math. Give kids (or grand/parents) an amortization schedule for tiny savers. Show them how saving weekly or monthly from their allowance or gifts results in FREE money. If they save $10 every month for 10 years - how much free money is that? Too long? Try 3 years or 5 years. The point is to show them that they won''t miss the money they save at all. They put it into the credit union and let the credit union nurture it for them until it grows a lot bigger than it is. It won''t work for everyone, but maybe it will for some.