June 30, 2014


  • To take this to the next step you need to deliver the RIGHT content at the RIGHT time. Studies show members are using their phones to check balances first thing in the morning and last thing in the afternoon. Coordinating your content and messages to hit your members at key times will greatly increase your touch points with them.
    Tim Wright
  • Author has mastery as well as vision for what it takes to keep and attract members. This seems to be THE issue for CUs, and in my experienced opinion may have been THE issue for the last 30 years while we were burning time analyzing 'profitable members" and ALM. As the co-author of one of the first ALM texts for credit unions (CUNA VAP) and the remodeler of Bill Cox's version of FRB product costs analysis model, I now believe the thought leaders of the post S&L debacle got it wrong. Consumer decisions drive everything, especially ALM. (Gap is crap! Long live pricing products to exceed direct costs and giving the customer what she wants!)
    Carolyn M Warden, CCUE
  • Excellent breakdown of the omnichannel need facing CUs in an environment where the channels multiple but seldom die.
    Michael Carter