Good News All the Year Long

Credit unions have turned in strong financial performances throughout 2010.


Last week, Callahan writer Aaron Pugh posted an Off the CUff blog about the importance of context (Don’t Throw Good News Out With the Bathwater). “In a wave of positive economic signals for smoother sailing ahead,” Pugh asks, “why are some still predicting the need for continued economic SOS?”

It’s a good question, one that speaks directly to how context — and the lack thereof — can skew data. Throughout the year, Callahan highlights exemplary credit union performers and tells good news stories. We break down industry trends using the most up-to-date data. We show the impact credit unions can have on their members, on one another, and on local economies. We show you what the industry is doing right.

It’s the season for reflective contemplation. So in that spirit, here is a sampling of data articles (most of them pulled from our popular FirstLook series) that document the good news that has been occurring all 365 days of the year.

3Q10 Credit Union Successes
By: Nick Connors
More than $3.0 billion in net income and the highest third quarter loan originations volume in five years are just two reasons to celebrate.

Business Lending Outpaces Other Loans
By: Nick Connors
Strong growth and increasing demand creates an important role for member business lending in the loan portfolio. 

The Industry at Mid-Year
By: Lydia Cole
Nine graphs illustrate the industry’s resilient performance as of June 30, 2010.

Credit Unions Reach a Turning Point as 2010 Begins
By: Jay Johnson
The industry's ability post record increases in shares and lending activity during the Great Recession is a testament to its focus on the long-term well-being of members.

Data Snapshot: State-Level Asset Quality for 1Q 2010
By: Lydia Cole
Industry averages indicate declining delinquency and charge-off ratios. What is happening at the state level?