July 27, 2009


  • BVeAEo http://gdjI3b7VaWpU1m0dGpvjRrcu9Fk.com
  • The data shows the annual increase in College Tuition and Fees. ie. primarily just room and board paid directly to the school. It doesn't take into account total costs of attendance (increases in books, travel expenses, "lifestyle" or other amenities, etc). It also only measures annual costs, not total costs in attaining a degree. It is a reasonable apples-to-apples benchmark of the relative rise in the costs associated with attending college today versus X years ago.
  • There does not seem to be a context. Historically, "college" meant pursuit of a degree w/in a time constraint, i.e. Bachelors degree = 4 yrs, etc. Plus, so many "amenities" have been added that it seems that "college" now refers to a life style and not simply the pursuit of higher ed.
    Mick Brogan