Graph of the Week: Credit unions continue to expand credit when others pull back.


  • Credit union loan balances are up 5.9% from a year ago to $573.7B, but
    fell slightly from year-end 2008.
  • Loan growth is led by a 9.2% increase in real estate loans outstanding.
    The main driver of real estate loan growth was 1st mortgages, which
    grew at 11.9% for the year to total $214.5B in March.
  • New auto loan balances continued to decline through March, but as used
    auto lending increased, net auto loan balances rose 72 basis points
  • The credit card portfolio was another strong point for credit unions. Balances
    totaled $31.9B in March, a 5.6% increase from the previous



July 6, 2009


  • Keep up the good work.
    John Adiletti